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Saab ‘Aero’ SUV. Boring.

We actually haven’t done many ‘negative’ posts in the past year or two here on the site. We like to highlight stuff we find interesting/inspiring more, you know? But I felt like I had to put this one up. So Saab, listen up…we’re giving you free ‘market research’ here…free consulting. Stop doing boring stuff. Stop making irrelevant cars like this new ‘Aero’ model SUV…and start making brilliant and quirky cars like you used to. I find it so funny that brands do these ‘green’ initiatives like Saab has done with its bio-fuel and diesel stuff…and then they come out with an ‘Aero’ or tricked-out-for-speed SUV. That couldn’t be farther from their brand image…and its not at all an efficient or ‘green’ move on their behalf. Not to mention its really boring and uninspired design. ‘Oh wow, it has 20 inch wheels on it right out of the showroom!! Vrrrooomm!’ Uhhh…so to the crew over at Saab, or GM, or whatever: go back to your roots a bit, go back to the quirky design that made your brand important in the first place, and work to make fantastic and RELEVANT products. Relevant products…wouldn’t you say thats the majority of car companies are missing right now? (Except VW. I’m loving their stuff more and more everyday.) And yeah, I’m a Saab owner.