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RSVP gallery!!!

NEW PROJECT ALERT!!! Part of the reason I have been in a cave for the past month or so. It feels so good to be writing this post sitting at RSVP gallery a new concept shop I just opened up with a couple of good friends. All the traveling and relationship I have built can now have a home. The part-gallery, part-shop is a random assortment of POP art and Luxury. It feels good to see all The Yeezys and Louis in one case for sale. I have always wanted a rack of *A Bathing Ape® in Chicago. It’s also a one stop shop for THE BRILLIANCE product. Nopattern Books & the only Boxed Water Fridge in the world. A splash of Vintage CHANEL and hallmark Louis Vuitton pieces is always a good thing to offer as well. The design of the space reminded me why I went to architecture school in the first place… NEON and NONSENSE® All in all I just love having a platform to showcase cool stuff. Come visit. Whew!