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Rprsnt Creative Conference!!

Much respect to Australia for birthing two of the best design conferences in the world, SemiPermanent and now this, RPRSNT Creative Conference. This is seriously sick right here. On the first day, October 14, you can see Marc Atlan, Supreme, aNYthing, Neckface, Odd Studio, and more. Wow. Very nice. Then, October 15th, you can check out Mister Cartoon, Rob Abeyta Jr., Estevan Oriol, SBTG, Brand New School, Andy Howell, and more. I mean, you really, really cannot go wrong. It would be worth it alone for Mister Cartoon and BNS in my opinion. Prices are $125 for student 2-day and $195 for professional 2-day. This thing is taking place at Luna Park in Sydney. I don’t know anything about Luna Park but I’m sure it’s a fresh little spot for this. Not only are there some great speakers, but great sponsors too, so surely there will be some kind of cool giveaway stuff. Refill, MINI, Mtv, Nike, Adobe, Vice, and more. Have fun shopping around for airfare though if you’re in the US. It’s about 4 million dollars for a one-way and that includes like 22 layovers and a ride in a Turboprop from your layover in the Ukraine to your next one in Kazakhstan. Give yourself a good month to get there. Should be really $//33+ though. Haha. Oh boy.