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Roundtable interview on Dopefiend!!

Ben and I were asked by Clarence Kwan of Dopefiend to take part in an interview with us, him, Adam from Slamxhype, Kevin from Hypebeast, and Nat from A Silent Flute. This ‘interview’ of sorts took place on MSN Messenger. Pretty sure we all felt like complete geeks doing this. But anyways, check part 1 of the interview out. Me and Ben pretty much just joked around the whole time, so it should make for a few good laughs, if nothing else. Highlights include Ben talking about Niketalk’s Girl Problems (No 56K) and me telling Kevin when he arrived late that we were just wrapping up with some prayer. Those are my highlights anyways. Also, there was a thread started on Superfuture about this interview. One person in the thread tried to get after us with this, “Not as good as I thought it would be. Am I the only one annoyed at “The Brilliance!!?!?!”. I just can’t stand reading that site. Even the most benial topics are published as !?Hype!?” Hey brocious, if you can’t stand reading the site, you don’t have to go to the site. I mean come on man. And “benial?” Huh? Haha. I don’t know. And accusing us of posting for the sake of hype all the time…please. Car care companies, tattoos, travel resources, comedians, home/interior products and trends, and even a post one time about Aldi’s, that grocery store. We’re not here to talk about shoes all the time man…we’re just posting what we enjoy. But enough defending our cause. I have work to do, pizza to order, and then more work to do. Go read the interview. “Ben says: i’m wearing Helmut Lang and H&M…Chuck says: you’re wearing a Bape shirt with no pants on”