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Rolling Stones world tour!!!

I tip my hat to anybody who is 61 years [young] and is still doing their thing in a big way. I mean - in the sports world, when you turn like 35, you’re among the almost-retired old fogies. In the music world? First off, hardly any bands in the world can manage to pull this off and pull it off well (do they even need this introduction!?), but The Rolling Stones can. Jagger and Richards are 61, Ron wood is 57, and Charlie Watts is 63. I think it’s incredible that they are still going strong. I personally love and admire to death people who never stop growing and are consistently pushing things forward. You can’t really dislike the Stones, you have to at least give some respect to Richards whose face kind of resembles an old boot…So all I’m saying is - this is pretty incredible. Also - the New York Dolls are back on the road. Nice, very inspirational…