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Sup’ internet? I haven’t done one of these in a while… And I can’t find anything I want to post about really, so I’ll just talk about the random stuff I’m into right now. Sustainable energy is super interesting to me right now. I’m actually spending a decent amount of my free time researching wind warms, hydro-electric stuff, and solar stuff. I want to own a bunch of mini MagLev vertical turbines and put them on a wind farm. How cool would that be!? I’m redoing my condo I think…but I’m seriously the most indecisive person ever with certain stuff, amazingly so. I commissioned another Dennis Nagelkirk painting - I get it in like a few weeks. It’s 8ft x 4ft! I’m really into Adidas Superstar track jackets - so functional, cheap, warm, and they fit perfect. I just can’t wear hoodies anymore for some reason. I’ve been listening to Rancid, Operation Ivy, Rick Ross, Bun B, Beach Boys and Diplo’s Balie Funk stuff lately…and GLC! Some dub and reggae as its gets chilly too. I bought some coconut milk/water yesterday. Tastes good, but right when you got to drink it you smell like a topsoil aroma, eh. I got the new in-ear Apple headphones…they’re pretty good, but I have to wear a small in my left ear and a medium in my right ear, weird. I’d really like to get out and ride my bike…but it’s freezing. Smartwool socks…best socks ever. I really enjoy living in Grand Rapids - gets better every month - we’re even having a ball drop thing downtown for NYE. We have a really cool interview coming up soon - a really good addition to our selection. You remember those paper ninja throwing stars you made in jr. high?? I made some for my little nephew last week, true story. What if Lego made super big pieces and you could build pre-fab houses with them…just like, by hand. Would that work? My friend Kevin went to Denver and toured to Coors Light brewery - I wish I could have joined hi,. I want a pair of black ‘Skerry Boots’ from Tretorn but I can never find a size 10.5. I wonder if I’d have a different personality if I lived in a warm environment? System D128, the video DJ guy who works with Mad Decent is pretty awesome - check the Christmas mix he did at the link below, so good. And…I think that’ll do. Have a good tuezday! ***Actually, I need some help if anyone can…the image for this post is how my iCal icon shows, with the font all moved up and weird. Anyone seen this/experienced this!? Drives me nuts.