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Richard Prince x Louis Vuitton, Progressiveness!!!

So the big show just ended the big fashion week in Paris. The Marc Jacobs helmed Louis Vuitton season debuted and has pretty much sent critics into a frenzy. For their bags he’s taken them outta this stratosphere with the help of renowned artist Richard Prince. Amidst the reaction to the collection there a ton of varying opinions which is interesting even if you could care less about “fashion, fashion” or consider Louis Vuitton as super pretentious. Its just a good brand evolution just to analyze. Reading this article reminds you that “that the most valuable thing that any luxury-goods house owns is its brand” and with a conservative cash cow of monogram bags that are popular from the suburbs to Canal St. you still need some realm of the brand that is progressive or unpredictable even if the critics hate it. Its not for them, its product for the fashion forward. I’d agree with what this guys says. Its all to easy to play it safe and be less controversial. Some many brands could learn from this little model. Oh yeah, you gotta see the actually show, sound provided by Daft Punk. Look for the womens show, its in the lower left hand corner. Look out for the LV Sponge Bob that’s in the thumbnail, next level.