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Revisionaries: A Decade of Art in TOKION!!

My first post of the new year and first one in a while…sorry about that for those of you who have been refreshing the page for a post from me like it was a Macworld announcement. Earlier in 2007, I got an email from Ken Miller of Tokion (who by the way recently gave their magazine a complete overhaul that looks absolutely incredible, check it out) about being in a book he was putting together called Revisionaries : A Decade of Art in Tokion. I was thrilled to be asked to have some work in it but was even more excited when I got the book in the mail a few weeks ago and saw who I was alongside of. Dalek, Geoff McFetridge, Jose Parla, Maya Hayuk, Erika Somogyi, Os Gemeos, Marcel Dzama, Barry McGee, David Shrigley, Jim Houser, Saiman Chow, and many, many more. Would you believe that’s only about a tenth of the people in the book!? It’s certainly one of the most thorough, quality, and enjoyable books on my shelf now. 160 pages and hardcover, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by picking this up if for no reason other than to be completely inspired. You can pick it up on Amazon for a measly $22. I’d honestly pay much more for it. Nice job getting an incredible batch of people together, Ken and Tokion. I should also mention that every artist has one spread and not only with images, but with some great Q&A for everyone as well. My favorite question everyone had to answer was “What is the most frustrating thing to hear about your work?” It’s really interesting to read everyone’s answers, it’s a very nice, intimate look into these artists’ personalities.