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Remember the Big Tymers?

I swear I post about stuff like this just cause I can. So like, the 1998-2001 Big Tymers…remember this stuff? You know, tracks like: I Rock Ice, Stuntastic, How Should I Ride, How U Luv That, Sunday Night, Get Your Shine On, I Got That Work, and of course classics like Still Fly. The list goes on. Terrible lyric content, or lack there of. Drum slapped-out beats by Manny (was he ahead of his time?). And then the album covers?! Too much. Looking back…its almost surreal. At least they were different and had a coherent brand image. I mean, I have a penchant for this ignorant ‘rap music’ you know? I can’t lie, I like this stuff when the mood is right. They made true riding music. Something to throw in the deck after you applied the final swipe of Armorall (or if you’re like Juve, Black Magic) to your tires…ha. Maybe that was just me. Don’t you ever wonder what people will think 20-30 years from now when listening to this ‘music’? Seriously, how will it be classified? So yeah…a post dedicated to having 50 cars with automatic starters, private jets with Lorinser packages, Helicopters with leather covers, and living rooms with hot-tubs instead of sofa-sets.