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One of the most interesting parts of having a website is checking your site stats. I find it fascinating to see where people are looking at my site from around the world, what kind of platform they use, where they got linked from…etc. Most everyone has some kind of simple stat counter/tracker that is a part of their site’s backend, but Reinvigorate does it best, if you ask me. It’s a beautifully designed stat tracking site…I believe it’s still in beta stage right now but you can apply for an invite and most likely begin using it within a few days of that. They also just put out a small, helpful app called Snoop that attaches to your Reinvigorate account and feeds real-time visitor info so you dont constantly have to check the website if you want an easy way to see where people are coming from at least. Anyways, much respect to Sean, the creator, and the idea of pushing good design into usable and simple things like this.