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Red Bull gives you music!!

Still stuck on finding an alternative to music while trapped on the computer I recommend getting into these streaming lectures on Red Bull Music Academy’s site. I first heard of this academy Red Bull put on annually from one of those flyers strewn about the floors of some record shop. I read it and couldn’t believe it was true. Basically it is a international music retreat in a random place anywhere in the world with the most innovative producers of the time. All on Red Bull dime and all you have to do is fill out an application to go. Even if you don’t get in anyone still get a glimpse into what goes down with their vast archived lecture section. In honor of J. Dilla I’ll recommend this bugged out Madlib one. But I guarantee everyone of our readers loves on of these artist on the main link. So scroll thru and find your favorite producer, Dj, or musician and get in tune with their story.