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Real-time Emergency & Disaster info service w/ Google Maps!?!

The RSOE HAVARIA Emergency and Disaster Information Service is “a real-time map plotting radio distress signals from the National Association of Radio-Distress Signaling and Info-communications.” (Source: BoingBoing). So basically, if you want to really depress yourself, spend an afternoon playing God and looking down on the Earth, able to pinpoint every horrific disaster happening that very moment! Fantastic! So like…right now…oh - look…damn…there was just an animal attack in Madre de Dios, Peru! Oh - and there - a biological hazard in Nograd County, Hungary! What a feeling, sitting here in my safe little apartment behind my computer, unable to do anything about the terrible things happening around the world. I’m just sitting back like a fly on the wall watching it all happen. Hmm… All depressing sarcasm aside, let me make it very clear that I think this is a pretty fascinating utilization of Google Maps and technology in a forward-thinking way. Pretty unbelievable…Check out the full list of what all the icons mean. Bioterror, cold waves, fire storms, hailstorms, plagues, tsunamis…sheesh… Oh look - a blip on the map up in Grand Rapids…it looks like…wait…could it be? I gotta go…Ben lost the stylus for his Treo…crap…