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Random thoughts with ½ THE BRILLIANCE!

This just in: THE BRILLIANCE posts anything they want to about anything they feel like! Since there is close to nothing interesting going on today, I’ll just do a random thoughts post and maybe one of my now infamous real-estate posts. Yesssuurr.

  • It’s officially chilly weather now, which means: Illegally parking my truck out front of Starbucks while I order a Godiva hot chocolate, hoodies are the new t-shirt, no more bugs hitting my wind-shield ruining my fresh detail job, when you step out of the club after dancing to ‘Gold Digger’ you actually steam, time to figure out what shoes should replace my Stan Smiths when it snows, and finally – you can ‘just chill and rent a movie’ with that girl you’re trying to get at.

  • Is Google getting too big? They hire an average of 10 people a day now. And college isn’t always a requirement. Come on, you’re trying to tell me you can’t get a job!?

  • Chuck gets back from Mississippi pretty soon. He took a lot of pictures…it’s going to be wild. I wish I could have went.

  • I bought that Supreme shirt that says ‘someone talked!’ I think the design is so fresh. It’s the only thing from Supreme I own.

  • I sold my 1GB Shuffle on eBay for $99 and bought the Nano…it’s too nice.

  • Fiona Apple is gangster, I like quite a bit of her music.

  • I can’t decide what car to get next, but it’s narrowed down to two. No more SUV’s!! This British upkeep is terrible. I thought they were made for the jungle and the desert and all that?