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Push/Pull is! A new project I’m part of…

I love riding my bike. Funny, cause things that are hobbies for me tend to turn into ‘businesses’ or ‘projects’ at some point. Push/Pull is just that…actually, its not at all my project, it’s the well crafted work of Neil Hubert who you may remember from this post I did a while back right here on the site talking about the now legendary Wednesday Late Night Downtown Grand Rapids bike races. He’s the guy who made those happen…and he’s making Push/Pull happen now as well. (I’m just helping Push/Pull happen from a funding standpoint.) Some comments from me on the project: Those late night races developed into a ‘scene’ if you will, a healthy one. And when scenes of that nature get developed its always fun to throw some products together that represent both the scene itself and it’s all important members…those that participate. That’s what this first iteration of Push/Pull is…a simple t-shirt line and a blog for the first season to simply display a scene, lifestyle, and aesthetic that ALREADY existed. I’m spending all this time explaining this because I think its critical that we mention that this isn’t some “t-shirt company” we started to create a scene…Push/Pull is documentation of a great, but small, scene of really positive cyclists here in Grand Rapids, and beyond, that love to ride. It’s t-shirts now, and we don’t even care about the American Apparel tags (!!), but as Neil points out in his post on the site titled “plans”...there is a lot more on the way. Some of the cut and sew stuff we are doing is going to be really great. And affordable! So yeah, welcome to a new project I’m a part of: Push/Pull! ***How perfect is the domain and tag line? Ha, I seriously love it.