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I like Styles P, I like Jada as well. But Puff is the epitome of true business. Good chance I’ll get a little ‘e-hate’ over this. But I felt like posting…and that’s just whats up. I couldn’t agree more with these quotes and Puff’s whole response. Handle your business, handle your life…just handle it. If you don’t like your current situation then you need to sit down with the parties involved and work through it. Don’t gossip, slander, act gangster, or anything like that. Business is business. Handle it. Some classic quotes: ’I want to see them or any other artist (try this with another label).” Diddy said, “If it wasn’t Puff who you know personally, looks like you, hangs out with you, drinks with you - would you ask them to just let me out the contract, No. You ain’t gonna call Sony with that, because they are not gonna take your call. You not going to call Universal with that, because it’s a contract.’ And one more classic one: ‘When you got a situation, you handle it man to man. Angie can’t help the situation, New York can’t help it. You gotta help yourself. I invested in and I believed in you. You believed in me and I believed in y’all. (If you have problems with me), call me.’ Puff handled it exactly as it should have been handled. Business is business…I hate hearing cry babies mad about their situation and constantly trying to pass-the-buck because they’re lazy. Yikes. Check the link below for full article.