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Pret A Manger!!!

It’s lunchtime in Chicago and I am starving. If only I were in London I’d he heading to Pret A Manger. Trolling the internet, I came across the fact that they have been slowing taking over NYC. Fast food is a sore spot for me. Continuing with the theme of all things that taste good are bad for you, I would end up with a heart attack if I at Mc Donald’s or any other fast food spot, every time I wanted to. Contrary to that thought, Pret A Manger brings the quality when it comes food an presentation without the guilty greasy feeling you get eating things like Harold’s Chicken a Chicago staple. Pret’s got “proper sandwiches using natural, preservative-free ingredients” and like that two British college friends are turning over 300 million dollars. At least they understand they need to expand in the US market outside of NYC, I’ll just keep hoping they hit Chicago next.