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Pre Fab Homes by Rocio Remero!

Anything related to homes and pre fab used to be straight-up trailer park status. That changed a while back when magazines like Dwell, Wallpaper, etc started showing all these beautifully minimal homes that came to your plot of land almost completely built and looked straight out of that one James Bond movie set in Japan. For real, these places are beautiful. My personal favorite, after some search, would be Rocio Remero out of Missouri. Missouri?! With kits starting at about $35k all the way up to the six-figure marks. Check the ‘LV Home’ as they call it. I posted this because I am planning my somewhat early retirement in the Bahamas (or wherever else) and can just see one of these perfectly placed in the middle of nowhere next to a powdery beach. anything on Long Island which just happens to have flights every Thursday from Ft. Lauderdale that only take 45 minutes. The lots are cheap! For all the real-estate heads, this is quite a nice deal with the pre fab house. Now I have to figure out how to get a pre fab home and a few Eames Lounge chairs to the Bahamas…