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Powers of Ten from the office of Charles and Ray Eames!

“The picnic near the lakeside in chicago is the start of a lazy afternoon…” Kind of weird that I haven’t posted this before…I actually watch if often when I need some inspiration or when I need to juice my imagination. First off…this was created in 1977. 1977!! Brilliantly done with the lack of pretty much 99% of the technology we have today. So cool. And, perhaps more important, its from the “office of Charles and Ray Eames…what more can be said? Multi-disciplinary and multi-visionary designers…this video is proof of the fact. The video itself, which you may have seen in High school, is just flooring to me…it never, never ceases to amaze me even after multiple watches. Needless to say, our universe is literally beyond comprehension. This video/film does such an amazing job of making the incomprehensibility of it somewhat comprehensible. The narration is great and the music…is just awesome, composed by Shawn Lane. Actually, if anyone has access somehow to the score/music from this film PLEASE hit me up…I’ve been trying to find it forever. So yeah…whenever you need a creative boost just zone out on this video for a while. It never seems to disappoint.