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Post-event updates! Jay-Z show and NoPattern gallery!

Sheesh…sorry for the lack of posts, we’ve all been crazy busy since the day before that Jay-Z show at HOB. Speaking of which, it was nothing short of amazing. Well, well worth the money. What can you say about Jay that hasn’t already been said? His stage presence, his delivery, the swagger, the never-ending collection of ‘oh-this-is-my-jam’ tracks, the charisma, etc. I’d never seen Jay live before, so to see him perform ‘You Don’t know’ was seriously a highlight in hip-hop for me. And yeah, Kanye came out and the floor at the HOB almost broke. Kanye and Jay on the same stage? Who cares what that ticket cost! **Only a couple days later on the other side of town, Chuck threw a fantastic gallery opening at the new Threadless store. I love the Threadless store setup, seriously, it’d make a great living space. But yeah, Chuck had some really fantastic pieces, some new stuff I hadn’t seen - the black and orange print was nuts! Tons of great people out to see his stuff and show support. Chuck’s big now, as if the internet didn’t already know that, but its always way more fun to see stuff in person. And for me, being a close friend, its really great to see him become more and more successful doing what he loves. Take notes from him kids!! So how does a mega-ultra-hugely-successful-celebrity-debutant artist celebrate after the opening of a gallery space?? Word on the street is he was at the I-Hop down the street from Threadless. Now that is balling. **Check the link below for some video of Jay and Kanye performing.