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Pop Music! Madonna, Kanye, and Pharrell…

“Get down, beep-beep, better get up out of your seat…” I think Virgil and I were talking about the idea of ‘pop’ music a while back…about how we kind of wish ‘pop’ music was truly popular again. Like, what happened to jams on the radio? I mean, they do play jams on the radio…but the majority of truly ‘good’ music isn’t really played on the radio you know? Its more just been the cookie-cutter radio single stuff. Anyway…this track “Beat Goes On” by Madonna with production from Pharrell and guest feature Kanye is literally perfect. This is music EVERYONE can enjoy…anyone can dance to this, you know? It just sets the perfect tone for a good time. But beyond that…its really, really good music from really, really great iconic artists. That like…true pop music right? No flash-in-the-pan stuff on this track. Anyway, take a listen on Kanye’s blog below. ***And yeah, for the people who’ve emailed us, it is really awesome to be linked on Kanye’s blog…ha. Check out Ibn’s and Don C’s blog as well.