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POOF! Your phone is obsolete!!!

Apple seriously has out done itself by dropping the iPhone. We here at THE BRILLIANCE are going nuts with the emails keeping Ben up-to-date while he’s in a meeting discreetly checking his Treo. I am speechless….Ill just let Steve Jobs post this via satellite. These quotes are essentially in real time by-the-way of him giving a demo of the iPhone at the keynote. “I’m going to load up stock information off the web, and right onto the phone here.” Apple’s shares up over $2.50. Ha.” Or in reference to the $499 entry level price tag ”We should charge more for this stuff!...” Seriously Windows were chasing the iPod with the Zune and Apple pulls this stunt…..Ouch!!! What other company has the CEO’s of Google & Yahoo hand in hand, gitty on the same stage at the prospect of the ton of money they are going to make….Chuck what’d you think about this madness??// Chuck: So yeah…what can I say? As a Mac user myself, this is definitely amazing. Of course, I have to mention some of the turnoffs…Cingular/AT&T only is very limiting. That immediately creates a problem for anybody on a different provider. And anybody on Cingular who was paying attention to this was probably drooling, until they heard they have to wait until June…but honestly…that’s not that far off. You’ll be just fine if you’re one of the eager Cingular users dying to get this…be patient. The pinch-zoom thing is pretty awesome…as is the way music fades in and out when you get a call…seamless wi-fi and EDGE, and free push email from Yahoo!?! Nice…now you don’t have to lug around a Blackberry to have that… On another, kind of downer note though…where was the new updates to a Mac Pro? Leopoard / new software? This phone stuff is nice and all, but it would have been nice to see some other product. And this Apple TV thing is…eh…kind of useless. No DVR, 40gig HD, no 1080…seems a little ‘blah’ to me. It’s cool you can stream your media from your computer wirelessly to the thing, but on a whole…it’s alright, not great in my opinion…anyways, overall though, this phone is unbelievable as a product and as a technological step forward…Should have bought some Apple stock yesterday…