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Pomegranate is the new Purple!

To kick off the holiday weekend I hosted a bunch of friends over on a cocktail party type vibe. The overall favorite of the night came in the form these POM martinis in rocks glasses of course. Have you had pomegranate juice before? Juice to me is like cornerstore snacks to Benjamin. That 2 gallon orange stuff with < 2% natural juice…I am all about it. So the pomegranate citron blend did the trick for many. Pomegranate tastes kinda like a mix between grape and prune juice and tastes great when cut with the key ingredients. I know you’ve seen the POM wonderful bottle, interesting design, but take a look at their website. They kinda manhandled the fruit and branded it as their own. They get real deep with it….from home decorations to health benefits. Their ad campaign is refreshing, pretty crafty. So I definitely won’t be ordering POM martinis at a spot near you on principle, but they are tasty in the comfort of your own home…again…in a rocks glasses.