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Pitted, so pitted, like that!!

I love THE BRILLIANCE! for all sorts of reasons, but one of my favorites is having a public outlet to show the crazy stuff Chuck and I send via email, and what it turns into etc.

So like, 4 years later the famous ‘surfer dude’ video came out on YouTube or whatever. So, for who knows what reason, I got back into the video and was like ‘this is the theme video for July man.’ And so far it has been. Trips to the beach are pretty much entirely focused on ‘getting pitted, so pitted.’ And its just the general vibe this month - surfer duded out. So two things:

1 - Chuck made me this for me, yes, its a high quality print, ha.

2 - Chuck emailed me this today:

From: Chuck Anderson
Date: July 1, 2009 3:46:34 PM EDT
To: Ben Gott
Subject: oh

oh bra

its just like

you get the best barrels ever dude

just like, you get pulled in and you get spit right out of em

and you just drop in , smack the lip


drop down


and then after that you just drop in, ride the barrel and get pitted

so pitted

like that
NoPattern / Chuck Anderson