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894 small launches!!!

It’s things like this that we love at The Brilliance. Nice site design, good quality videos (YouTube? Gonna catch up soon on that…??), good content, nice execution, and videos of Radiohead with Thom Yorke on drums. Pitchfork Media is notorious for its reviews and its year-end lists (Hey Nigel - think either of us will end up on the “Worst Covers of the Year” again here in 08? Ha…) but seems like a fantastic extension of Pitchfork Media that can put any of the wits of the 0.0 reviews aside and focus on great content. Live performance videos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at all sorts of amazingly talented acts. I LOVE that when you click the links in the top navigation row it keeps your video playing and slides the content sections over. Very smooth… I was watching this Liars video, wanting to look around the site more and thought I’d have to go back to the video to navigate back to where I was before I clicked away but really enjoyed that it just kept it there. Such a nice little touch. I love that good ideas are flowing strong in web design today. It’s great when media-rich sites are simple, good looking, and friendly to use…I don’t think that’s an easy thing to pull off by any means. And it doesn’t hurt that they kicked off with Radiohead, Liars, and the Pixies either…Anyways, well done Pitchfork. I’m impressed.