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Perplex&Lola is just a cool-ass womens label. I love their whole vibe. I almost don’t want to put them in the same category as Diesel, but if I did they would really smash Diesel and any of the other uninspired half-assed brands out there. They are not another ‘t-shirt’ label doing ‘cool shirts’... This is true FASHION, true DESIGN, and its executed so well… Jeans, tops, track-jackets, blazers, dresses, etc… They have both their ‘kouture’ line and a prêt-a-porter line as well. The designs have been described as ‘wobbles between the playful and the cerbral’... Perfect explanation. The designer behind it all, Milan Tanedjikov is doing it real big… THE BRILLIANCE! loves Perplex&Lola. Wild web site too.