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PayPal Mobile & corner dice games!

Cell phones, cell phones, cell phones! So PayPal launches their Mobile service. And like a corny McDonalds commercial actor, I’m lovin’ it! Here is how it works… You send a text message to 729725 (PAYPAL) saying ‘send 100 to 6165551234’. In doing that you just sent $100 dollar form your account to whoever’s phone number is 616-555-1234 provided they have a mobile account. C-Lo games will never be the same, right?! The C-Lo and dice game stuff aside, this truly is a next level thing they have launched…the simplicity is what makes this key. Who is to say this couldn’t replace the use of credit cards? It works well in places where credit cards don’t work…where someone doesn’t have a merchant account. I don’t know, I’m thinking it will take a while to catch on, but it is certainly a cool leap forward for PayPal. ‘Clickity-clack!! You just rolled the triple pimples kid! Get that cell phone out and text me my money!!!’