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Patrick Blanc’s vertical gardens! I love this.

My friend Rick sent this to me. Super cool. I’ve had this kind of obsession with vertical farming lately too, like how it integrates with cities, etc. This stuff though is pure art. Super, super whimsical - just makes your imagination run, kind of like that post I did on huge indoor jellyfish tanks. So yeah, this guy Patrick Blanc started growing gardens on his walls when he was young, using fish tanks with fertilized water as the base and now he’s doing massive walls for hotels indoors and out. Amazing stuff. I wonder how it makes a room feel when you walk into it - is it humid, refreshing with all the fresh air, how does it smell? I want to do an ivy wall in my loft now - can you imagine ivy creeping up the inside of a loft’s exposed brick? Nuts. Link below is to his official site, but check this great Wired article too.