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Paper Route Recordz – Wood Grain?! Weirdo rap!

My goodness…thank you to Paper Route Recordz for this song…And yeah, I’ve never heard of Paper Route Recordz either, but The Fader has…and they steadily put me on to brilliant new music. So yeah…this song is ‘perfectly weird’ as Virgil called it. I would have to agree. This kind of like grade school choir of kids singing as the foundation for the track with some classic southern style snares and bass lines…and my favorite part, of course is the chopped (both ways - screwed down and up!) vocals. I’m just…really into this. The part around about at 4:05?!? Come on man…that’s perfect. So yeah, check the link to The Fader below with a full version. All you ‘right-click-view-sourcers’ know what to do – keep it really internet!!