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Outkast - Da Art Of Story Telling Part 4!

I listen to hip-hop music because of tracks like this. Not a whole lot to post about this track you know? It’s just…good. If Jay-Z is Apple, Inc. then Outkast is like a Porsche 911. Always, always classic…and ever recognizable. And so drivable right? It’s like there music is made to be listened to while driving. Good thing I got a 2.5 hour drive to Chicago tomorrow, this track will be played more than a few times. But yeah, anyway, this is a reminder that Outkast makes great music. How on-point was Andre’s line about not ‘making it rain’ even though he could ‘make it thunderstorm’???! Music music music. I gotta go throw my laundry in the dryer…everyone have a good night.