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See I’m pro-positive. I don’t like stir up any amount of negativity. But I kind of felt like doing a quick write up on this new ‘Origami’ product Microsoft is launching. First of all, it’s really just not a good product…but that’s just an opinion. I mean, I think it does have a very innovative keyboard, the idea of using your thumbs while naturally holding it…good stuff…that’s about it though. What made me write this little ‘hater’ post is how they tried to shroud its launch in this really, really corny secrecy and talk about it like it’s the most innovative new thing. Honestly…nice try. It was such an obvious, but poorly executed attempt to copy how Apple or even Google launch products. Having Steve Balmer get all unprofessional and talk about ‘killing’ Google and Bill Gates talking about ‘defeating’ the iPod…then to turn around and just bite their whole style with a product that just isn’t innovative…not a good look. And seriously, its not innovative at all…and that’s no opinion you know? I guess its really just weird to see Microsoft not handle their business…it’s like they are officially too big to be considered agile anymore…which will of course be their downfall eventually. And what a dumb name…I can’t figure out how they associated ‘Origami’ with a big-ass ‘small’ tablet PC. That’s my nerdy haterade post.