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OQO and the whole UMPC thing!

UMPC is ‘ultra mobile pc’ I think…right? Either way, it’s the whole really small, but fully operational computer movement/thing. I can honestly say I never saw the value in having something like this. I mean, yes, there are benefits to these…but I always looked at them as gadgets. That really started to change with me when I started thinking about more extending type traveling and all that encompasses. I like to only bring 1 bag when I go on vacation. One carry-on, that’s it. I did 10 days in Maui with one bag. When I look at my laptop, camera, treo ipod, etc…it’s like…man, I need another bag. I’m already starting to ramble on this one… The idea I’m into, is that with an ultra mobile pc, like the OQO pictured, I can have everything except the camera with me. It hasn’t been perfected yet…but I’m sure it will be soon (Apple) and it will change the way we travel and maybe even work. Just think of using this tiny device at a coffee shop half-way around the world to make a Skype call to a client regarding and email you just got from them…all while being able to pull up whatever application you use and interact with it. Not much different than a laptop, but you cant but a laptop in your pocket…or even your backpack really. That’s my nerd post…I need one of those OQOs, the keyboard is beautiful!