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Only Human – Web 2.Oh my bad…

So we get a decent amount of email here @ THE BRILLIANCE…suggestions, terrible t-shirt companies, shoe collaborations that couldn’t matter less…and tons of amazing stock tips, we are seriously rich from them, amazing. Ha, just kidding…long intro. Jason from Only Human, a fairly new internet start-up, emailed us this morning to let us know what he and his team are up to – quite an interesting new product they have. An email worth posting, ha. So here is the quick rundown: Only Human is ‘a community where people share stories about mistakes they’ve made in life and their advice to others’ Now…in all fairness, the last thing we need is another community site on the web right? Maybe not so. After chatting it up with Jason a bit and playing around the site – I can really see some traction here. The stories range from goofy, serious, funny, simple…but the amount of people posting ‘mistakes’ and interacting with them is impressive – a true show of human emotion on the web. Good stuff. So yeah…if you’ve done anything stupid, funny, or embarrassing lately you might want to post it on Only Human – the rest of the internet would love to know about it. This kind of stuff makes the internet fun…