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OMG NYC Real Estate!!

Ahh…remember these posts? I’m bringing them back…something vicious. ONE – Unreal. The beam-work and the staircase in this place…too much. Not to mention that 20 ft window and the terrace space. The black leather sofa…did they get it at a liquidation center?! $14.5M. TWO – Almost feels attainable doesn’t it? I love spaces like this, the ‘cheapest’ spot in the development but tastefully done…you make the most money on these places too. Not into their furniture…go more sparse and it would feel even bigger. And get rid of that Franks Nursery palm tree thing. I seriously like this one. THREE – 2800 square foot of complete open space…like living in a huge shoe box. This one is perfect. Do everything on wheels and modular or whatever. And I would have some college kids come in and do a crazy installation piece…so much space. Seriously this is bigger than most bars. I bet the bathroom needs to be redone.