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OMG NYC Real Estate!

Round 3 for these. I’m dedicating this to the Upper East side. Cause I feel like it. ONE - $2.7m, one of cheapest in the area (whoa)…But look at those windows and ceilings man! I love the ‘hard’ edges and corners along with the contrast of the black trimmed windows. I don’t know…just that perfect modern regal feel. TWO – I don’t like looking at computer plans for a building, doesn’t connect as much. But this place is on point. The bathroom is classic, reminds me of the bathrooms @ the Venetian in Vegas. I like this place…has that new building smell. THREE – Museum status. Look at the hallway (pictured)…perfect. This one is considerably more expensive…and it needs to be pictured with a little less furniture. I would go crazy minimal. I love the ceiling style in this one. That was my favorite one by far. That’s it for this round. When you go to any of these open houses tell them we sent you, ha. And no, I don’t buy real estate in these price ranges yet.