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OMG NEW NYC Real Estate!

Round 2. I mean, I know I said I would do this on Sundays…but I got invited to a porch BBQ! Let’s do this. I like SoHo, so a lot of my searching takes place in this area. ONE – This one is quite nice for the price, bt 662 sq ft is quite small…either way, I like it, the kitchen is perfect. Maybe too much black leather here though. Location, location though, SoHo is fresh. TWO – This is how you start building a dream spot for real. 2100 sq ft to play with…huge open floor plan, huge art, and a huge black spray painted chandelier. I really like this one. THREE – The LES real estate…new project everywhere. This is a new development/renovation offering 1260 sq ft and crazy low monthly CC/taxes, I like that. New developments are always nice as well, working elevators, crisp feel and all that. I just like this one for some reason. But the Trumpster said it best kids, never let your emotions get involved with a deal. By the way, to my fellow GR dwellers, I got 790 sq ft up for rent in the new Union Square development, get at me!