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OMA and the R-O-C.

OMA of Seattle Public Library, Prada epicenters and CCTV fame are like the Rocafella of architecture. Both entities are definitely at the top of their fields and represent whats really going on. Just like this hip-hop analogy I am trying to string together the two heads have split. Rem Koolhaas (Jay-z) and Joshua Ramus (Dame) are now making money on their own. I had to tell the back story because that’s how Star Architects get down. You better believe outlandish rumors float around these guys in the architecture world just like Britney and US weekly. Anyways, as authorship of ill projects gets hashed out this Museum Plaza project attempts to get built. Skyscrapers in Middle America are generally nothing to write home about. The Museum Plaza for Lousiville, KY is in the works and is bubbling in the press. Not only because of the soap opera drama but because the design is off the charts. You gotta check out this animation called “how it will be built” under video clips. It tells the whole story. Reminds me of why I got into architecture. Before you know it these guys are gonna be directing Hip Hop videos “like Whaaaaaaaat?”.