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Oh snap! You bought a fake Rembrandt!

This is the ‘nerd’ article for the day. I honestly found this crazy interesting. Considering people could have spend $20M+ at Christie’s for a painting by the dude who got Mr. Rembrandt his coffee every morning. Snap! The whole write-up, from, is about using highly complex math and computer imaging to determine if a painting is truly a Rembrandt or a work from one of his students. Yikes…could you imagine? I’d be like ‘…yo, I kept the receipt, can I get my $20 mil back?...’ What’s wild to me is that the Met in NYC has 42 Rembrandts and half of them they aren’t sure about. Half?! That’s wild. Speaking of ‘wild’…this post was kind of…wild. And you corny Niketalk kids were mad about a pair of fake white/white Ones? **** OMG IS THIS A FAKE REMBRANDT!?!?! PLZ READ – NO 56K ****