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Oh my god is that a Black Card!?

If it is then I’ll let Juelz do the talking: You’re not at all a baller. Apparently titanium is the new black for the rich and socially mindful. American Express has long held the title for the most sought after credit card, the all powerful Black Card which is an invite only card that requires its owner to charge more that $250,000 per year, pay the $2500 a year annual fee…and be cooler than everyone else. This will now change. All the same rules apply but now the card will called ‘The Titanium’ and it will actually be made out of titanium. Wild. Apparently there are a few of these out in rotation already, of course in the hands of the jet set who seem to be having problems with stores thinking they are fake and setting off metal detectors at the airport (they don’t fly private?!). Anyway… Get ready for a bunch of rappers who don’t actually own the card trying to find words that rhyme with titanium. Anybody remember that old Busta Rhymes skit?! I threw away all my platinum cards…and I got a uranium card!!!