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Objectified - the flick that I’ve been waiting to watch for…too long. From the guys who made a movie a fell asleep watching, Helvetica. Sorry, maybe I had mono that day - I just couldn’t keep them peeled. Objectified on the other hand is awesome, as I hoped it would be. It’s not nearly as niche a film - I think pretty much anyone could watch it and get inspired by the idea that everything we interact with, every single day, is designed - either amazingly well, poorly, or just meh. Johnny Ive’s part was of course cool, his little giggle thing or whatever at the end of his bit was kind of weird though, ha. Weird to see him break his whole “AL-YOU-MINI-YUM” intense stare thing. Anyway, yeah. Mr. Dieter Rams is simply mesmerizing to listen to. Naoto Fukasawa’s explanation of simplicity by comparing corny over the top poets (see “slam” poets) to poets who prefer hiakus really struck a chord with me. Kind of like the whole, “don’t design just for design’s sake” - duh, but Muji has that perfect magic about it doesn’t it? I’d have to say my favorite was the Frenchman, the two Bouroullec’s. They are so passe it seems - they’re simply doing what they enjoy, and not too concerned about being “designers”, you know? Or maybe they’re just super French and I just dig French people. I think my favorite part about Objectified was that I could grab it right off iTunes for only $9.99 - I just thought that was a hell of deal, and I don’t have to rip it, or whatever, I’ve got it with me all the time. Great flick, I highly recommend it. ***Kareem Rashid’s suit jacket didn’t fit. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.