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NYC & The Maritime Hotel

I was in NYC last weekend (not this past weekend, but last weekend.) I got out of there JUST in time too. I changed my flight from Sunday afternoon to Saturday evening and got the last flight out of LaGuardia to Chicago before all the cancellations and the storm hit and all that super fun stuff. Anyways, I’m going to make a separate post about why exactly I was in NYC for 3 days…so this is just to give some shine to the Maritime Hotel. I was put up in the Maritime by the organization that brought me out to NYC, so it wasn’t my own choice to stay there. However, I’m happy to say that I’m glad they put me there and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The bathroom was beautiful…huge shower, decent size room for a boutique hotel, free wireless, big giant circle windows, and very helpful and nice staff. Also, I had breakfast there on my last day and it was really, really good…nice atmosphere in the whole place. I’m sure you’d like to hear a review of the bar but too bad, I’m not 21 yet. But I heard the bar is good and apparently Matsuri is incredible if you like sushi, which I don’t know that I do. Also, apprently the 2nd floor of the hotel is haunted, specifically room 208. I was in room 207. Don’t take my word for it though, stay on the 2nd floor and hear the screaming ghost children and virgin Mary crying for yourself! Kidding! Zing! But yeah, nice place in Chelsea, good experience. AAAA+++ WOULD STAY AGAIN.