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NYC Auto Show and me getting mad about it!

Cars, cars, cars…smog, fog, hog…the brilliance is a blog. What? Some fresh cars this year, as there is every year. Blah, blah… On problem with all the cars. The technology they use is ridiculously old. I’m going to get a little ‘weird’ and pop a few snaps about a situation that bothers both Chuck and I quite a bit. How is it, after all these years and the technology revolution…that cars still have pistons and use diesel or gas? Honeslty. Like…honestly! My cell phone can do everything a computer could do 4-5 years ago. But cars are, for the most part, the same. And oh snap, let me get all ‘MTV Rock The Vote’ on this…from articles I have read, we are spending $400 Billion to go to Mars??!?! You could buy everyone in the country a hybrid car for that much. Or at least distinctly change our direction as a country in terms of oil dependence and pollution. Our auto-makers here in the states suck, they lose money and create poverty when they close plants in small towns and out source over seas. Listen to me getting all mad here…ha. Honestly though…I’m not even trying to rely on our government to help us pursue a new direction for cars/transportation here in the states. It’s going to be a foreign company or some tiny ‘started-in-my-garage’ company that takes over the auto industry and helps us head in a new direction. But whatever, I’m uneducated on this stuff. So yeah…um, the NYC Auto Show. Check the slide show at the link below. That Saab Aero-X (bio-fuel) is still one of the more amazing cars out. So is the diesel E-Class. This post was weird; I can’t believe you read it.