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Nothing to post!

I did like 3 post in one day last week. Where is all the ‘cool’ stuff to post about today? I don’t know. Somebody email us something cool to post about. No t-shirt companies, or art gallery shows or anything like that…something wild…like how you have fresh green grass growing all throughout your house instead of carpet or something. That would be nuts. Or just something really, really interesting. Maybe if you own/work for a private jet charter company or something you could email us and setup some free travel time to where ever we want and in exchange we’ll give you a ‘glowing’ review. Or maybe we could do something like a ‘Win a date with Benjamin from THE BRILLIANCE!’ Ha…how funny would that be? Or depressing if no girls entered…ha. Wow, this is a weird post. I’ll try and come up with something interesting to post in the next couple hours, or maybe not. Email us,!