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NoPattern X Reason Clothing!!

Ben did a post not long ago about my new site and the updates I put up at NoPattern. So, because I can, here’s another one! I recently collaborated with Reason Clothing from NYC on some shirts and some bandanas. The bandanas are my favorite part. I based the whole thing off the NP logo and the Reason logo and it turned out great. Yup! However - don’t just check out Reason Clothing for my collaboration, wait until you see the rest of the Spring 06 line they have coming out…some VERY nice stuff. Reason is the line that did that ‘Diplomats’ shirt, the Ramones spinoff…Good stuff for sure. Check out the Reason Clothing site, looks like they’ll have more soon… Alright well that’s all, sorry for the self-promo here but…I gotta do it! You would too if we let other people be news editors, but we don’t, so too bad. I’m rude. Sorry, I owe you all a piece of pie from Baker’s Square.