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Noodles & Co!

Just had the buttered noodles and parmesan with grilled chicken. And a diet coke. I’m really into this spot. We didn’t have them around until about 4 months ago. Chuck put me onto a while ago. Either way, I throw it into the category that h&m and Ikea are in. A good well designed product accessible to the masses. Inclusive not exclusive. At the end of the day it’s a pretty simple spot, good classic food with a lot of Asian influence both in the menu as well as the actual décor of each spot. The stained bamboo tables, huge cylinder light things that hang from the ceiling, the whole space is put together very well…I’m into it. I’m also really into the service. They remember my name (I only go one/twice a week) and they have this effect of efficiency that is present in everything they do. I know it’s just a simple lunch light dinner spot, but there is something very different about their presentation…and as seen with other establishments, the clientele that is drawn is equally savvy and well put together. Funny how that happens naturally. Either way…very well branded place. And I love the little ‘community seating, come one, come all’ sign they put on the long tables at mine. That’s my post.