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Nike White Label is…

Just so things are clear… I have HUGE respect for Nike as a brand. Their continuous pursuit of new and innovative products is very inspiring. But THE BRILLIANCE! is honest, and I find their White Label to be quite uninspired. Few things… I don’t have any problem at all with expensive clothing. I love quality, I love supporting true design, etc… But Nike White Label is just a bit over the top for me to justify it. I love how they are bringing back ‘old styles’ while introducing us to wild new price points. $185 for a screen-printed hoody? $65 for a t-shirt? A pair of dunks are $65! Again, I have spent plenty more than that in my day, and I still do. But why do these brands insist on charging these prices for something that is marketed as ‘limited’ but you can get it on! Honestly… And please, step the quality up, its quite sub-par. And those belts? $195 to look super corny? Wow… Sorry Nike, even Jordan missed a few. Focus on giving us NEW products rather than constantly rehashing old products.