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New SVSV - so you won’t catch on fire!

SVSV is back at it with a new collection and an online boutique that is now open. I know this isn’t brand new news, but I don’t like posting news about something at the same time that it goes around on other sites…it’s nice to spread it out sometimes…so anyways, once again, the SVSV campaign images shot by my man Kareem Black is gorgeous…very simple and elegant. Just enough to complement the pieces in the line. Check out the bullets too, very nice. Cashmere hats, scarves, New Era fitted, tee’s…lots of cool stuff on here. And most of the stuff is fireproof, in case you are ever walking around at a party or friends’ house and someone pours gasoline all over you while you light a match…it should come in handy then. But for real - what if someone was wearing the fireproof hoodie and they really did get caught in a fire somehow and it saved them?! THEN WHAT?!