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New NoPattern site!!…with a story!!!1

New site, new store, new prints, and for the first time ever – t-shirts. I’m wearing one as I post this. Before I chat up the new site…Chuck’s been a close, close friend of mine for like 4 years now I think, but we’ve known each other for literally like 10+ years (that’s nuts isn’t it Chuck?!). I probably do a little reminiscing every time I do a post about his work – sorry I can’t help it. So yeah, I’d love to gush about Chuck’s new site and its design, interface, custom backend, etc – but I’ve never been one to brag, ha. Chuck hit me up a few months back requesting me to take a design/vision he had for a new site and turn it into a reality with its own custom backed developed specifically for him. I don’t really freelance anymore, and working for friends can be weird…but this was an awesome project to work on. Chuck and I really share the same vision on keeping things simple so it was a blast to make a backend as well as the front end with that in mind. And it’s always cool to work on a site that gets pretty high exposure – in fact Chuck literally JUST emailed with some stats, whoa. It’s just too cool to have a bunch of friends doing amazing things and being able to collaborate with each other on stuff, seriously. I’m continually amazed with what my friends have cooking (Virgil, I can’t wait till everyone gets the bigger picture view of what you are doing right now, whoa.) it’s probably my number one source of inspiration – the company I keep. Long post…but whatever, its our blog we can talk about ourselves, ha.