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New Interview with Nino Scalia!

Hope everyone had a good weekend…it was quite nice here. Is the Weather Channel is getting their forecasts crazy, crazy wrong lately?! Or is it just Grand Rapids? So yeah…our new interview with Antonio Scalia who is currently managing team Ice Cream – Pharrell’s skate company. This is probably one of our better behind-the-scenes interviews we’ve had in a while. Virgil actually got this all together – many thanks to him on that. I think the first time we talked with Antonio Scalia was from an email he sent us to just say ‘whats up’ and that he liked our blog, etc…we kept in contact which resulted in an interview, good stuff. I think what I dig most about this interview is the candid responses to our equally candid questions. Ice Cream holds an interesting place in skating – it actually gets a decent amount of ‘flack’ from the community…so its always really interesting to go behind the curtain and see what really makes the brand tick. I think a lot of the ‘haters’ will be quite surprised. All that aside, Antonio Scalia is a super, super cool dude doing his thing and this interview is a peek into that life – living it and loving it…check the interview.