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New interview with Heron Preston…it’s a video!

Ahh…was kind of a long weekend, nice weather though and I can’t knock that. So I have been a Heron Preston reader for a while, not sure exactly when I started. Always was how Heron used the web to document his life…blogging + Flickr + YouTube. I have always tagged him as one of the people who truly understands self-branding and how to use it…plus he just has a fun blog to read. A member of what I’ll call ‘current-culture’ and someone doing something worth paying attention to. He just took a job at Naked Communications as a ‘Junior Strategist’ and we figured we should catch up with him before he gets too busy, ha. Thanks for the interview man – see you around, real-life and the internet. ***And yeah, this is our first video interview…! Let us know what you think about it. Email us or just throw the comments on the YouTube video page.