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New interview “activation” with Jon Buscemi!

Its weird to interview someone that was first a reader of the site before I knew him personally, you know? He has a different context. Jon’s been a supporter since we first started, kind of dude who would just reach out and say whats up - and send me marinara sauce from Gourmet for Christmas every year, ha. When we started this site we would always be like super stoked/surprised when someone from the industry, on one of the coasts, would hit us up. So yeah, eventually we crossed paths “IRL” and have been homies since. Jon’s done so much stuff in this “lifestyle business” space, so much. Now he’s onto the “2.0”, next chapter as he’s said. We caught up with him to discuss past, present, future. Kind of a must read interview for people who are in this space actually trying to make a living out of it. For real. Beyond all that, if you ever get a chance to hang with him - the nicest dude with THE best snaps…the best. Ha. Thanks for the time Jon.